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Yvohe Reviews

It's one thing to get myself to go to the gym, but it's another thing to push myself to work hard at the gym. Some days were easier than others, but on the days I found myself lying on a yoga mat, lacking the motivation to work out, I always found Yvohe around the corner encouraging me to get up and reminding of the goals I promised myself to keep. She's what inspired me to start going to the gym multiple times a week. She's the reason I take care of my body way better than I used to. She helps me stay active and she's always teaching me new exercises. I always hear her voice in my head saying, "weight on your heels!" I wouldn't have been able to gain the physical and emotional strength that I have today without Yvohe. I will forever be grateful for that and everything she's done to help me and others gets where we are today.

Ruba Mubarak

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