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As a qualified and accredited Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I have improved the quality of life for many men and women: they are now stronger and feel more confident in their lives. I provide knowledgeable coaching to challenge their training while building discipline that develops quality long-term results.

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1 on 1

Who it’s best for? Beginners who lack confidence or discipline to get it done alone. Or those who want some company and challenge themselves to get better results. 

How it’s structured? It can be in-person training or remote. I assess, I program, and I'm with you every session watching, cueing (in person or on camera), and pushing you to complete the session.

How do we meet? Online or in my studio.

What does it entail:

  • Initial assessment

  • Training sessions 1 on 1

  • Re-evaluation every 4 weeks

1 on 1

Who it’s best for? People who want to learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and maintain the habits long term.

How it’s structured? We meet on a weekly basis (remotely). I will answer your questions, give suggestions, tips, knowledge about a healthy and balanced diet. I will adapt the coaching to your lifestyle, preferences and goals. 

How will it be delivered? Video call sessions.

Nutrition &

Who it’s best for? Intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts or athletes who need guidance on form and need to be challenged to get the best results.

How it’s structured? I assess, I program, we do some sessions together and others you do yourself. Sessions are for additional support on form, teaching a new movement, practice a skill, coaching sessions as needed.

How will it be delivered? Through my app and check-ins via Zoom.

What does it entail:

  • Initial video assessment (Online or Studio 45 minutes)

  • Customized training program

  • Custom macro count

  • Daily food tracking

  • Suggested meal design.

  • Recipe and grocery list

  • Custom habits tracking

  • Daily messaging (12pm – 5pm EST)

  • Check-in calls (Nutrition 2 times a month for 15 min each session or Fitness 1/month 30min online or in person).

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