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This eBook is a DIY program where you will find everything you need to kick-start your fat loss journey while improving your health at the same time. 


What is included:

  • Macro calculator.
  • A suggested meal plan.
  • Recipe pack (15 easy recipes including desserts!).
  • Weekly planner.
  • Shopping list.
  • Suggested supplements.
  • Training plan with schedule and progressions.
  • Glossary of terms.
  • How to follow the training plan.
  • Videos to teach you how to do each exercises.
  • Special discount for a retailer of nutritional supplements.
  • Message support M-F (8am-5pm EST) through the website and/or app that you can download once you jointhe site.

The Starting Fat-loss Program: GYM edition

    • Who is it for?

    This program is perfect for people who want to follow a proven approach to losing fat.


    • How long does it last?

    It is made to last 4 weeks. Although, you can follow this program for up to 10 weeks. After this period, the program should change to avoid plateaus.


    • Do I have support in case I have questions?

    Yes. You can message me (M-F 8am-5pm EST) through the app provided by the website.


    • Do I need access to a gym?

    Yes. This is a gym-based program.

    • Dumbbells
    • Bench
    • Rower machine
    • Leg curl machine (if not available, you can use a stability ball/physioball)
    • Cable machine
    • Barbell (if not available, a pair of dumbbells will do it)
    • Yoga mat