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You Can Still Work Out When the Weather is Frightful

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Winter will be here before you know it, and the cold, snow and dark days can make you want to curl up under a blanket and sip cocoa all winter long, which is fun - but it isn’t good for your body. When it comes to fitness, your body’s needs don’t change when the weather gets ugly. You still need to get in those steps and work your muscles, otherwise you may inadvertently welcome stress into your life.

We’ve used every excuse in the world to avoid exercise, so nothing you can come up with is new. The trick is to find your own ways around those excuses and get your body moving. Throughout history, people have found ways to exercise indoors. If they can do it, so can you; Yvohe Cammarata shows how.

Get to the Gym!

The first thing to consider is joining a gym - or getting back to the gym you already have a membership to. If you’re bored with your workout, consider changing it up. Instead of the treadmill, try the elliptical machine. Instead of cycling, try a dance fitness class. Instead of using weight machines, try a CrossFit class. Men’s Journal notes that changing up your routine not only keeps you from getting bored, it also helps keep your muscles from adapting to repeated movements. If your muscles get too used to your workout, it will become too easy, which means it’s not really helping you anymore. That means it’s time to change.

Work with a qualified fitness coach to come up with an optimal regimen for you. Yvohe Cammarata offers a number of programs to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Get Fit With Yoga

Fitness classes can be a great way to change up your workout while exercising indoors. Most gyms that have classes offer a variety so that you can choose different options and work different muscle groups. If you haven’t tried a fitness class at your gym yet, consider dropping in. Most instructors understand that there will be beginners in each class, so they will help you adapt or take it easy on you on your first visit.

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Yoga is usually indoors, so winter is a great time to try it out. Yoga Journal points out that there are several different types of yoga that you can try, such as Vinyasa, Baptiste, Iyengar and more. Most gyms have yoga classes, which might be a good place to start. If you need something different, you can join a studio that offers the classes you need. You can also find yoga instruction online to get you ready for your first class.

Full-Immersion Fitness

If your gym has an indoor pool, make a splash! Swim laps or join a water fitness class. Some fitness centers even have water cycling, which means riding a stationary bike designed for the pool, or water dance classes. Don’t get hung up on the stereotype of water fitness being for elderly ladies. The benefits of water exercise are immense for everyone, especially for those working through mental health issues like addiction. The resistance of the water gives your body more of a workout than on land, but provides a physical and emotional calming effect. Plus, you stay cool!

If you don’t want to even leave your house in the winter (we understand!), you can still work out effectively at home. The old way was to buy DVDs and sweat to the oldies in your living room. These days, there are far more options with no chance of getting bored. You can now see free fitness videos on YouTube (including some you can do with your kids), or you can subscribe to a streaming video service. You can get a mix of workout options, or you can focus on a certain type of video, such as yoga.

Remember that the weather doesn’t have to dictate your fitness. Sure, it’s nice to be outside in the sun, but it’s not the only way. You don’t stop eating or visiting your doctor in the winter, so you shouldn’t stop exercising, either. A bonus is that you’ll feel better and have a more positive outlook thanks to the endorphins you’ll boost in your brain. When you’re finished, you can indulge in that cup of cocoa.

"When you exercise, your whole body starts working to create the balance that it needs to function properly. It's like an orchestra playing, all have to be coordinated, and in accordance with creating a beautiful song" - Yvohe Cammarata. Let her be there for you to walk you through a path of a new lifestyle that will improve your life. Reach out today!

Author: Jason Lewis

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