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I help Women at every stage of life to overcome the unique challenges they’re facing in today's world!

Yvohe is an Experienced, Certified and Trusted Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who specializes in Women Coaching of all ages. She helps them feel the way they are supposed to feel. Empowering, and supporting them along the way.

She understands women’s struggles with diet culture (e.g., restricting calories and overeating, emotional eating, diet hopping, etc.) and knows how to help within her scope of practice.

She knows how to navigate sensitive topics like the social media comparison trap, self-doubt, lack of confidence, guilt, shame, and body image.

Who typically works with Yvohe?

Women who:

  • Want to get stronger

  • Want to lose body fat

  • Struggle with hormonal issues, like PCOS (like her) or Hashimoto’s

  • ​Are experiencing different stages of menopause

  • ​Want to get back into a fitness routine

  • ​Want to take their existing training routine to a new level

  • ​Want to have a safe, and healthy pregnancy

  • ​Have had a baby and want to return to exercise safely

Let's chat!

For questions, price inquiries, or any other, please fill out the form and specify how can I best help you!

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