Hi there!

I'm an outdoors lover who has a passion for helping others. In the fitness world I found a way to help others not only to look better but to feel better. I'm a believer that when you feel good you will look good. Our minds can take us wherever we want. If your soul, mind, and body are connected to positivism, love, health, and light you will shine like the sun.​

Exercising has many benefits for your health. Take advantage now! When you exercise, your whole body starts working to create the balance that it needs to function properly. It's like an orchestra playing, all have to be coordinated, and in accordance with creating a beautiful song. 

Let me be there for you to walk you through a path of a new lifestyle that will improve your life. 



Bilingual: English - Spanish.

Certified Personal Trainer.

Certified Nutrition Coach.

Corrective Exercises Specialist.

Weigh Loss Specialist.



As a Trainer, I strive for quality over quantity.

If you can do something with good quality, you might be able to do a little more (quantity). With consistency,  discipline, and patience. Yeah! We gotta be patient, what comes easy, goes easy. 

Do you want to improve the quality of your life and live a little longer?


Start doing some behavioral changes. Like taking care of yourself, decreasing the risk of health issues, or improving some health conditions.

How? Exercising and eating healthy.

I will teach you the proper form to be able to complete exercises in a safer manner. I will teach you how to properly move and know your body with a holistic approach to wellness. I will also teach you how eating healthy can be easy, and how it can pay off in the long term. 



Because I'm a Personal Trainer doesn't mean that I have to have a perfect body (because nobody does), and eat EXTREMELY healthy every day. Actually, I don't want to have a super muscular body.

I want to keep my good shape, be able to move PAIN-FREE, decrease the risk of health conditions, have ENERGY, have good BALANCE, release stress, sleep better, avoid anxiety, feel HAPPIER, and improve overall HEALTH.

Don't let the misunderstood concept of "beauty" push you to unhealthy limits trying to reach them. Thus putting your mental health at risk.



So are you!

Let me tell you: One of my biggest fears is heights. But! I love defeating my fears. As much as I fear the fact that as we age, we start a "countdown". Our body will change, internally and externally, it's natural. So what? I want to live as long as I can but being able to enjoy the life I'm living HEALTHY.

I know that sometimes you have a lack of motivation, you feel out of energy, maybe you don't know where to start, you don't know how to start, or you might have some thoughts that make you feel like you can't. I get that sometimes, too. But my best way to keep myself in a more positive state is by exercising and eating healthy. 

And no. By eating healthy and exercising I don't mean forbidding yourself of eating something that you like or skip the exercise routine one day. 

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